The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd ("CNCo") has been in business since 1872. Our business has stood the test of time because we have always looked ahead and made decisions based on long term sustainability.

As a business, we aim to create lasting value for our shareholders, and we recognise that our success depends on thriving people and communities and a thriving natural environment.

We have always looked ahead and taken the right decisions for the long term. Today, this approach is more relevant than ever. The challenges we face today range from resource scarcity and climate change, to health and inequality. How we choose to respond to these challenges will define our future.

The Swire group's Sustainability strategy, SwireTHRIVE, aims to mitigate operational risk and build long-term resilience by driving higher standards, greater efficiency, and increased innovation in five key areas: Climate, Waste, Water, People and Communities.

CNCo’s Sustainable Development strategy is fully aligned with the Swire group's strategy and covers other areas which are material to our own Company. We have aligned them across three pillars:

  • Thriving People
  • Thriving Environment
  • Thriving Communities